Kenny Soul is a Dominican hip hop artist born and bred in the Bronx, NY. Since the age of 7, Soul has been working to become the greatest rapper of all time, citing legends like Eminem, The Notorious B.IG., Bob Marley and Nas as some of his biggest musical influences.


At age 16, Kenny Soul dropped his first EP entitled Mind Your Soul. In 2011 he dropped his first and second mixtapes, The Soul Train and Maximum Altitude, demonstrating a lyrical talent far beyond his years. After spending a year studying production arts in Florida, Soul prepared to drop his third mixtape #IDGAF. Released in 2012, #IDGAF further demonstrated Soul's growth in his artistry as well as in the production value of his music.


At 22, Soul released his fourth mixtape, entitled Rogue Retro. Feeding off his experience in the gritty NY scene, Kenny Soul has taken it back to the earlier days of hip-hop where lyrical prowess and musicality were the foundations of truly great tracks.


Soul's latest project, K.O Ken x K.Soul Take 1 is an attempt at mitigating the sonic clash of two drastically different personalities. K. Souls attempt at coexistence with the darkest side of a persona that will either consume or co-create his future. In a musical climate that is largely lacking a viable, fresh, East coast star, Kenny Soul is poised to take over NY rap and remind the world why The Bronx will forever be the home of hip-hop music. 

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